Till Money Do Us Part

end of my rope

“I can’t do this anymore!” he says through clenched teeth. His hands clutch the dark waves of hair now mixed with a hint of gray. I try swallowing the lump in my throat.

In our nearly five and a half years of marriage, Peter has been the family CFO. It’s a title he’s wanted to relinquish many times, particularly on days when bills loomed large and paychecks had been long spent.

“You do it, please?” he’d ask.

So far I’d been successful at dodging the requests. My triumph saved me from the monotonous routine of paying bills, but it was costly. I didn’t realize that Peter’s repeated appeals had little to do with numbers in our bank account or due dates on the calendar. They certainly had nothing to do with his capabilities.

I’m sharing the rest of our story today at The High Calling. Won’t you hop on over? (Click here.)

**Two quick things before you go:
Today’s post provides a good explanation for why Stewardship is one of my words for 2012. And, I’m linking this post with Jennifer at Getting Down with Jesus, for the “I Do” series at The High Calling.

Creative Commons photo on Flickr by woplu.

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